Its Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaining

The second rain of the monsoon season just began in Karachi, and it is pouring down in all parts of the metropolis.  Its early days yet as the denizens will have to wait a few hours before we know how and if we shall get home as is the case in a heavy downpour in Karachi.  Will the newly developed sewerage system hold up to this onslaught???

Will we have monster traffic jams in the evening?? Probably, however right now is the time to sit and enjoy the rain or if one can, to take a quick bath outside as the monsoon rain is quite refreshing. The spirit of this city is quite visible in these rains as well because the sad faces of the general public seem to have lit up when drenched as is evident from my office window. If it continues pouring like this everything should close soon.

As far as i am concerned though I welcome the rain simply because i love it, it makes everything look fresh and new and the smell of wet soil is just divine.

So here is to the rain with a hot cuppa in my hand, what is your rain story?

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  1. Ooo – Faisal – my rain story… just what I was planning to write. If I believed in such things, I would think we were cosmically linked. However it’s far more likely it’s just because it’s raining all over the world at the moment!

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