IPhone 3G

Ok so umm explain to me again why i should be going crazy over the new Iphone 3g or going crazy about the iphone at all??? I checked one out..seriously..nothing against apple but this thing just looks good, thats about it and these are my reasons for opting out of the whole.. I am so kool i own an apple Iphone bandwagon.

  • The onscreen keyboard, yeh for anyone who has ever tried what a normal good blackberry or htc or nokia keyboard feels like when typing a message while say driving, the whole two thumbs intuivitive interface just goes pffft
  • The web browser, heres a little snippet. Most people think Apple is the most “open source” software there is? Well guess what safari does not display flash….so when ya use it? you dont see webpages completely or atleast the billions of them using flash plugins. Plus no matter how slickly packaged the safari web browser is its not better than the mobile firefox.
  • Looks sleek? definately…but consider the “touch” interface in the open with dust blowing around…i would go nuts just trying to keep this thing clean folks its too shiny. imagine wiping it and calling your mother in a weird situation Skeeery!!
  • Oh and i really do not need to click on my phone for my gps location then click on the nearest fast food whatever and then click on the little icon showing it to take me there or zap it all through via email or cross link the whole thing via gps to my cars northstar system to take me there. By the time it takes an average user to do all this even on 3g speed I would be back from my lunch, seriously…talk bout geeks
  • The Camera is 2 mega pixel…what??? Apple still coming with a 2 Megapixel in this day and age??? lol wow what earth shaking tech and without a flash!!!
  • You cannot even copy and paste in this….you cannot delete one call from your call records without deleting all the calls…you cannot send or receive photos… shall i go on?
  • Plus owning something with an apple logo does not automatically make you cool, psst that is just the scam of the century for all the losers of this world with teeny tiny insecurities to go buy one

By the way any phone for the same price in any brand does all that this thing can, and some of them do it faster. Yes I do not own an ipod or use meth either!!

Review : its just a shiny toy, not simple or intuitive or the phone of the century or what not. Its twice the hype and half the substance to me. The only good thing about the new one is its new reasonable price, although i can bet that comes with some sort of 5 year plan catch to it wherever its sold for USD 199!!

  1. What’s its cost in Pak, in Ind they are selling it for like 31k when its supposed to cost $200 (Rs. 8k approx)

  2. still goin for around 40 here… i think the 200 dollar price is with a contract dood.

    good to see ya here 😛 tell the rest will ya i lost all traffic when i moved haha

  3. LOL I had subscribed to the feed.. you should have simple set a redirect from wordpress.com panel! =P
    Meanwhile the call rates are not very cheap either… they have special schemes for the iPhone here in India

  4. my iPhone was actually a gift from my girlfriend. i really love this phone and i think that this is the best phone that money can buy. i like the features and the design.

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