I Have Felt The Warm Goodbye Of The Sun

I’ve washed and drank in God’s tears of joy
As the crimson firmament surrounds my reality.
Entire, all powerful, outstretching and inviting
Seducing me as no other bride
In death her silky hair confides,
takes new beauty and destroys
The salt of her tears is everywhere,
I can still hear her
As I die peacefully amongst the planets
Knowing nothing, blind to my reality

Denial becomes my familiar lover, stretching,
Bending and controlling like a talented whore
I share her, she shares me
She loves me, she kills for me.
Her and I.
As lovers we choose to stay young and foolish
Not to cast away imprudent things as children
She needs me now,
Her scent fills the very air I breathe
The sky collapses under my feet
The universe becomes a shell

She is in my eyes now, cast as stone amongst water
Turgid and boiling, rebirth becomes impossible
Too late to turn back and too early to start
But I look into her eyes just long enough to hear her say
“I’ve felt the warm goodbye of the sun”

She is slipping, her beauty fading
and there she is, sweaty, in her sickbed
Shivering, alone and naked as the day she was born
The silk of her skin is still inviting
when it meets… The first rays of the new raising sun.


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