He came he saw he captained?

One would think Kevin Pietersons lot in life is stuff that fairy tales are woven out off. First he gave up on his career in South Africa where he was born due to the quota system there and moved with his bags to Nottinghampshire where he began his trek into The English National side.

Then he got his chance in the Ashes 2005 series where he blasted a memorable innings with his badger streaked hair and bling bling personality to cement his spot. Since then KP has never looked back, the game, the marriage to pop star Jessica Taylor, the reverse sweeps, his antics on and off field all reveal a natural aggression. Like a tiger on the prowl KP seems to be the born leader England has been waiting for since the rot after their debacle down under set in. Makes perfect sense does it not?? The hero Vaughn falls on his own sword this past sunday and announces his retirement, his understudy Collingwood does the same with the ODI captaincy and lo and behold KP rises to the top to take the Lions forward into the fray.

Well according to this pundit here is where KP’s fairy tale stops. Like the time his irate captain at Trentbridge “Jason Gallian” flung his bags out of the dressing room window its time KP flung out his ego and get to the task of repairing the shambles England’s cricket team is right now. For he has a task manufactured purely in hell.

First of all, he has to lose the ego. Yes I understand it comes naturally with aggression but it has led to the downfall of too many a great player and it usually results in turmoil in the dressing room.  It could serve him well under times when he feels he has to let the lads have it, but when he is playing a match saving innings and he steps down the crease to whop one out of the park and is bowled or caught? That is palatable as a star player not as a Captain.

Last but not the least he has to make sure his game does not lose its natural aggression or flair, because when England loses under him and they will! He will need all of it when he faces the microphone at the end of the day. When a Captain cannot maintain his own high standards he is usually poo pooed off the ground like Vaughn was sadly. Cricket these days is a harsh game indeed.

Many are jubilant at his selection as the new Test and ODI captain of the England team, and although i do not hold his Saffer origins against him I have serious doubts about his leadership skills and mettle. Well atleast i know the truth is not far off.

  1. Beckham is perfect example for anyone who can ruin it by having it all. he is handsome, rich, adored by millions and has a popstar wife and three little boys, he has everything and humility to boot, thats why no matter what his detractors say, he has been pretty successful at whatever is it that he did.

  2. Yeh you are correct there but there is a huge difference between Becks and KP simply because Beckham is amazingly talented and even though KP is a great batsmen he aint no Viv Richards..if you know what i mean.

  3. I myself will watch and wait. He is a man with a very hard act to follow, and a man who has more to him than the hype.

    I’ll keep you all posted from The Oval later this week.

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