Ground Realities

There were two historic moments in Pakistani politics yesterday, first the coalition broke (as it was expected to break) within 7 days of the resignation of Musharraf. Which in itself just tells us one thing,  that this “grand coalition” had absolutely nothing in common democratically or politically speaking other than the ouster of the commando.

Secondly and this is more important to me.  A national leader came on air last night and apologized to his coalition partner for breaking their written and signed agreement. Now say what you will about Zardari and his past, but this action of his speaks for the positive side of him. It also shows that he has now developed into a consummate and mature politician.

We are quick to judge everyone and everything here in this country, but i think we need to see the ground realities first. Pehle tu is it viable to build coalitions when the political aims and agendas of the parties are poles apart? Secondly once such a coalition breaks does it mean the end of it all as people keep telling us on TV shows. In my opinion democracy, the true form of it that is where the public officials are made accountable and voted into office based on their performance is a very painful and difficult thing to achieve for a nation.

All of us want quick solutions, transporters all over the country have been on strike for the past several days because they claim the government should reduce the price of diesel fuel. They have caused serious damage to our export by going on this strike. Do they realize this? Do they think the government can bring down prices when it wants??? Do they not know that with the falling rate of crude oil Pak Rupee has also been devaluing at about the same rate thus canceling out the effect they keep claiming prices should fall for?

If we keep at it we will achieve democracy, but it will take a long time. There will be periods along the way when we will be lost at sea, there will be all sorts of difficulties before we reach that golden horizon. I wonder if we are all ready to face those difficulties and doing things on merit rather than believing in false promises and immediate solutions.

The first ground reality in Pakistan is, that there is no immediate solution!
Can we even digest this?

  1. Ab koi na koi tu karobar karna hay naa??? im trying to be like our numerous tv channels lol jking. Actually i do think this move of his was the hallmark of a consummate politico not a madman lol

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