Getting electrified

Who in this day would want to live without electricity voluntarily?

Looks like there still are few people who shun the mother of all inventions, for instance this 60 years old Welsh Bachelor.

Hubert Hilling, who lives in a remote country cottage in Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, paid £5,000 to get the power installed.

The 60-year-old tour guide is thrilled: “It’s fantastic. I keep switching the lights on and off,” he told the Sun. “They all come on at once instead of having to be lit with a match.”

Mr Hilling decided to take the plunge after one of his gas lights exploded and almost started a blaze – he was warned that his 300-year-old mud and straw bungalow was a fire risk.

He has no plans to buy a fridge or a TV, but has already treated himself to a toaster, a food-mixer and an electric iron – which he’s now getting to grips with.

“Before, I used a black-leaded one which I heated on the stove. I had to be careful to avoid black marks,” he said. “Now I can iron my trousers in less than half-an-hour.”

Mr Hilling still doesn’t have running water – like his parents and grandparents before him, he makes a daily five-minute walk to a well to fill two buckets.

This guy seems quite happy, I wonder if electricity is responsible into making us chronically depressed beings that we are?

  1. Hmmmm perhaps he is onto something we aren’t?

    I think there is a certain satisfaction to living in the nature. I once met this guy selling sun caps at Villa De olympia beach in Barcelona…he looked quite clever so i bit the bullet, he told me he was a retired writer and wanted to just spend his days looking at the sea.

    Oh and welcome to Deadpan Thoughts 🙂

  2. Electricity is not depressing….for gods sake.. it think its about time we stopped getting all wonderment on quaintness like exhibited by this gentleman.

    Embrace the future tania…do not live in the past

  3. Im happy in my metropolitan life style so i really cannot understand people who want to act like barbarians,

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