Conspiracy theories?

On 24th may 2008 at 10am a white colored Land cruiser started out for an unknown destination from the mountains of  South Waziristan. The ISI had credible intelligence as soon as this Land cruiser left that its occupant was none other than the feared Taliban leader Batullah Mehsud. Immediately contact was established with Washington and all information along with frequency ranges and gps positioning directions to this vehicle were relayed.

The Pakistani intelligence community then waited with bated breath for the American forces to zero in on this car via satellite and blow it to smithereens along with Mehsud, but it did not happen. He went to an undisclosed location met with journalists gave his speech on camera and then traveled back to his hideout, once again the ISI informed the coalition forces about his departure and requested them to get him on route, still nothing happened.

Why was the most feared Taliban leader not extinguished at such a golden opportunity is anyone’s guess. Why are there reports that Talibans in Waziristan when killed often turn out to be hindus. These reports have been confirmed by locals who have given them the final bath of ambulation given to Moslems before burial.

When Admiral Mullen(Joint Chief Of Staff) and the Stefan Arkemp (Deputy Director CIA) reached Islamabad on July 12 on a hush hush trip to convince our “Ex General” of ISI’s dirty games they were instead hushed by 2 movies shown to them. In the first video Brahamdas Bughti (head of the militancy in Baluchistan) is shown exiting from Dehli airport and going to a RAW safehouse. His entry in this safehouse is the followed by the arrival of the head of Indian intelligence agency RAW at the same safehouse.

The second video showed the same gentleman escorted by the mission head of Indian intelligence in Afghanistan enter into an Afghan Intelligence safe house in Kabul. There is also credible evidence that Baitullah Mehsuds Taliban in Pakistan have forward warning of our troop movements via satellite imagery. I wonder how a bunch of illeterate millitants can use such tech and get hookups to sattelites to recieve this sensative real time info? Perhaps Mehsud knows how to use google maps, but remember google does not provide real time info.

My point is that when countries like the U.S and India blame Pakistan’s intelligence agencies of aiding the Taliban the truth is not in their statements. Why would the ISI aid a threat which is now internal to Pakistan and not limited to Afghanistan. Does the ISI want to see the breakup of its own nation? I seriously doubt it.

I still believe in the notion that certain foreign powers want to see the rise of Talibanization in Pakistan, perhaps due to our own past in totally supporting an armed militancy in their country. Whatever the facts are, we should be rest assured that the normal populace of the world which is all of us will never be made aware of them as we are too prone to make decisions which are not complex appear far too simple.

( Please note i am not pointing fingers at anyone or blaming anyone at all, I am just trying to present some credible evidence to suggest that all is not as it seems)

  1. really really good article… however, although the BLA and Baloch links to RAW are highly credible, the Taliban issue is one i am a bit skeptical over.

    the reason is that a reporter from a local channel was recently abducted by security forces after he met with an underground Baloch leader. i must remind you that the Baloch insurgency, which is not allowed any media coverage, is not really as high intensity, and doesn’t pose anywhere near the level of collateral damage the fata/taliban one does.

    contrast that fact with the reality that any ‘do korree’ journalist can get an interview lined up with the likes of Mangal Bagh and Maulvi Omer within an hour’s notice, and actually be escorted by the militants’ ‘protocol’ en route to their ‘hideouts.’

    dozens of people have got such interviews now without having the agencies pick them up. so the question is, why is one insurgency allowed the media fanfare, while another is swept under the rug.

    clearly because the baloch insurgency is the work of others, and the fata insurgency is the work of the agencies themselves. i know that is a huge claim to make, but in the ruthless world of intelligence agencies, the losses of innocent lives are often used as leverage to get certain agendas pushed along.

    the more dangerous the taliban get, the more scared the populace becomes, and the more willing it gets to temper down its demands (such as a free judiciary) in return for increased security. again, this is highly speculative, so you are free to ignore it.

    but the fact is that the agencies are giving a free hand (in terms of media access) to one group, and not to another.

    PS I also must admit that Mangal Bagh and Baitullah Mehsud are two very different entities, and the former is more likely to be on the agencies’ payroll rather than the latter. but regardless, i wanted to make the point to highlight the cynicism and cold blooded nature of this issue.

  2. A very astute point made my friend. However in the interest of discussion if what you say is correct then do you think the ISI alone has the power to manipulate and form such a informed and tech savvy militancy?? For instance think about this for a second, Mehsud is known to use satellite phones with his accomplices. In benazir’s murder case one of his recordings was also made public. So lets assume the ISI supports him? Why do not the allied forces with all their access to satellite tech zoom in on the location via gps to the call he is making.

    How difficult is that?? even a layman with a common gps reciever in his mobile phone can triangulate his positon…that position is determined on the basis of data from satelllites, so why is the location of Mehsud so secret? so Undiscoverable?? same with OBL, they cannot find him he is always on the move, he is a specter what a load of bull shit. They can pick up 600 people from Pakistan on the basis of “credible intelligence” but they cannot track satellite phone calls? To top it off… in Mehsuds this last outing the “data” was provided to them yet no predator drones swooped in to take him to hell. No those are kept in top condition to bomb wedding parties in wazirastan?

    I think all of us including the entire population of the western world are being taken for a big giant ride in the park as they put it. I think OBL died a few years ago due to kidney problems, i think if the war stops no one will buy any more daisy cutters so the threats have to remain…they have to be a constant fear so that corporations can rape profit from the plunders of war.

  3. Why would ISI just inform CIA and wait with bated breath? Why would they not blast Mehsud to smithereens themselves, why wait for Amreeka, huh?

  4. A blogger recently wrote an open letter to taliban, advising them to go to Isloo instead of Karachi. Everyone missed the point. A not so subtle mouthpiece for God knows which agency advised the writer to send the Letter at the address of the RAW. The writer seemed to have other ideas and appeared to be knowing perfectly well the address where the Letter should actually have gone, but chose to back out in the end, terming the whole affair a joke. Seems the whole Taliban affair is a joke, a bloody one of course.

  5. Awwwww people are discussing me and my posts in another blog ….
    I am famous ….. yeaayyyyyyyy

    Note to readers: I am the one who wrote that open letter to talibs. I wish i was important enough to have been wooed by the agencies but that is just a wish …

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