1. Come on Faisal, you are not going to buy into this rhetoric of Obama? He is an actor and nothing more. Nothing will change, even if he wins the election. Obama has no track record and even when he was teaching at U of C Law School, no one could get an idea of what he stood for.

    If Obama does get elected, I am heading out of this country (US) to a small island for the next four years. Better yet, sail around the world and start writing a blog of deadpan thoughts.


  2. Upon reflection, the Obama/Biden ticket may work for Pakistan. An actor and a plagiarist can certainly do well in Pakistan.

    Above two posts paid for by the John McCain 2008


  3. Oh come on salman i cannot believe your cynisicm the guy represents the american dream he is breaking the historical shackles put on his race by your good ol conservative boys club. What have republicans ever brought the world but war and a bumbling drunk in the most powerful seat in the world. When ya make it to that island send an email cuz he is going to that oval office!!!

  4. Here is a deal Faisal, if Obama does wins I will send you a box of Cuban cigars from my Geneva (Gérard Père et fils) supplier. In case he does not, well lets see what I need from Pakistan..

    As they say here, the fat lady as yet to sing.

  5. Faisal, the democrats are no different. Remember the old establishment guard is well embedded here. Much as I dislike Bush & Co, they have been just carrying on with policies set long before he even came into office. Politics here is no different than what the Pakistani feudal lords and army practice. Somethings do not change.

    As I am sure you are following the Pakistani political scene, have we really had any change? Think about it real hard and know it is the old establishment just passing on the guard to new puppets. It is no different here in the US.

    Anyway, my offer stands. I will be going on vacation anyway off to the islands, right after the hurricane season ends here. I will send you an email and a box of Cuban cigars, if Obama indeed wins this election.

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