I consider myself to be a first class racist.  Why you would ask?? Well its quite simple i hate baddus…every last straw sucking…camel riding..macbook playing one in the desert or lounging in their so called cities of materialism built on the back breaking toils and blood of the third worlds labor. I think they are only in existence because some benevolent English sods took the time to drill beneath the sands in their countries resulting in voila “black gold” and immeasurable supplies of moolah for these goat herders.

Left to their own devices this race of barbarians would probably return back to the 12th century and be happy eating from leaves and watching half naked harem girls dance away till the morning came all smoky and clad in the essence of the various perfumery and ittars they anoint their unwashed bodies with to prevent random retching by those that they meet.

Below is a small example of what happens when the perfectly normal shaikh is exposed to some perfectly normal technology, he simply goes nuts. Please note the same effect happens when they see a blond or a Ferrari not necessarily in the above order.

Show me an Arab with some class and i would probably go blind with disbelief.

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  1. uh yea, i thought so. how do you know he’s a sheikh for sure? and it’s funny how he supposedly doesn’t know what’s going on and makes it go fast but his friend isn’t helping him at all? yea, you’re the only fool here buddy. stop being so ridiculous and come out of that thick skull of yours

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