Asif tests positive yet again

Muhammad Asif the hope of Pakistan’s bowling attack which turned dope when he tested positive for banned substances a year ago has yet again tested positive for taking banned substances.

I speak of Asif’s much awaited B sample which has shown traces of the same drug that he was charged with taking. Surprisingly Asif is now contemplating challenging this result as he claims that the drug levels in his body vary between the two sample results and how could this  occur as they were taken at the same time?

Funny how a person who claimed taking this substance out of his ignorance for the English language, which the warning pamphlets handed out by WADA are in, is now reading minor technical details like varying percentages between two sample tests quite efficiently.

People think that he is a loss for Pakistan cricket.  However I personally feel that we really cannot even attribute his skills to him anymore because we all know that they might have been enhanced.

I sincerely hope the new PCB chief can start his illustrious career by putting this bowler and this matter for once behind us. We do not need sportsmen like this, at any cost.


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