The men behind the mask

Yesterday a senior Al Qaeda leader(Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid), revealed in a rare tv interview from Afghanistan that the Danish embassy in Isloo was bombed by a suicide bomber who had arrived from mecca. He has also admitted to the killing of Benazir Butto on Dec 27th as an Al Qaeda operation. Now in the recent days much hue and cry has been made by the U.S government on the fact that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are being supplied by manpower and arms from Pakistan’s tribal areas.

Will the U.S government now ask questions of its princely allies? As to what they are doing to curb the militants coming from their lands to create havoc in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Will they now seek out the financial links which appear to be still in play between the kingdom and the movement? Or will they ignore all of these clear facts and turn a blind eye as usual to “The holy land” because of its oil and their thirst for it?

At present it is rumored that there are up to 8000 foreign fighters in the FATA area of Pakistan. They have to come from somewhere, they have to be supplied financially and motivated by someone. it is becoming increasingly clear who that someone is.




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  1. I would not like to be as honest and daring as you get sometimes my friend specially in your neck of the woods.

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