The closed wooden doors

By Amna Saleem

Oh, but a Scandalous subject.

I am glad it will hold the readers’ attention till the next few lines at least and perhaps…only till then. For it is natural for a regular man to be engrossed to know possibly all that is behind (and then there are some who are eager to acquire more knowledge,) beyond certain “closed” doors. I am not apologetic although I believe I will disappoint you now, as I begin to talk of my matter, which ironically is different from your hopes, as im seeing it.

What closed wooden doors?

I see nothing is hidden. An ordinary man hunts for some place so he could be by himself for a while. He runs, he hides from people, who are full of curiosity, also, who are ready to close eyes to their own issues for a while to enjoy others’.

I see a common man has to put in so much effort to keep his troubles private. It is sad how people disrespect a man’s solitude mostly for their own distraction. I do not see contented people anywhere. Where are they?, where have they gone? Or, were they ever there? Was their happiness their temporary misconception? I do not know. I can not tell. I see a big happy family living in a big, handsome house, doing everything together and assuring to one another they would hang about like this for the rest of their lives. Inspirational? Yes? Why? How do I still feel the negative forcefulness that is keeping them together? Why are their hearts corrupt? Why, the simplest emotion like love has become so complicated? Why do I imagine, everyone sometimes, will close their hearts and hope to die to tell I- love-you lies? Why is it that a young student feels ashamed of travelling by a school van? Who is going to aware him/her of the difficulties the father is taking to still send his child to a reputable school? Why have our minds become so uptight and narrow, that there is almost no room for small compromises? Why can not we keep somebody’s financial calamities serious? Why have we become so self indulgent? What do we get out of it? Good grades but hardly any sincere friends?, loads of money but no one to enjoy it with? What are we doing? Think.

There are more questions than one needs to answer. We lack realization. I do not need to say more. It is self explanatory to people who will follow and I close my wooden doors to those who don’t.

  1. hmmmm another writer???? why do i get the feeling that there is a door in this piece left closed on purpose?

  2. well i think its a lovely piece..and it takes some concentration but the writer has really weaved a splendid web!!

  3. a im kinda confused. did u mean “another writer?:D” or “another writer? *rolls eyes*”
    bah ! anyway thanks guys. I’m kinda surprised it did this well 🙂

  4. I think it’s spectacularly written. I just love the sentence structure: the powerfully impacting aura of self-indulgence people could not be more visible.

  5. thanks batooti !!
    awwww manay thanks! i didnt know it was u until i err…asked u ! lol
    thanks guys.

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