1. woot!!!

    mister, how does apologizing make anything right?
    how does it stop the on-going mistreatment of children
    how does it undo the psychological damage?
    how does it prevent aids?
    how does it stop people of swearing off religion?
    how does it show a change in attitude on behalf of priests?
    how does it show that we are safe when sickos like priests are out on the streets near innocent children?!!!!!!!!!

    tell me – screw osama, screw the taliban, karma will come and bite them in the ass soon enough….

    first bring justice to all the innocent children in the world – how can ur heart not bleed when u see such fake apologies – show me what action is being taken? a rap on the knucles? 15 hail mary’s?!!

    kya?!!!!!!! kya ho raha hai! kuch nahin!

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