Marriage Mania

by Amna Saleem
The country has an excessive excitement; a mania for marriages. Did you observe how much people stress on it since the birth of an innocent child, more specifically girls *sniff*? Parents begin to lose sleep at the birth of their baby girl as they think about the expenses they would have to face till the time of her marriage. I am not being cynical; they seriously do not have any other choice. They have a lot of saving to do to have a centrally air conditioned wedding okay? They do not want to sweat after spending a great deal on their hair and make up. It’s not their fault Ather offers no discounts, which actually makes some of the idiots quite happy because they have to tell people about it: D Ok but, by that I certainly do not wish to discuss women only. I, personally find men and women equally berserk in most matters. I refused to go to a wedding in my neighborhood because I saw something very …very disturbing at the Mehndi. Yes, the groom had worn light foundation powder on his face. Now you see, I realize every guy has his sole right to look nice…but not PRETTY!!
Did you notice how everything and I mean everything is so closely linked to marriage? Girls are taught cooking like it’s a matter of life and death (did I mention it always starts from making tea? ok. I just did. ) Guys are sent to good schools, then colleges and then what not, just so they could become somebody before their age. (Sad)
What are you talking about? I know parents who in reality bear their daughters to wear skimpy clothes to (effortlessly) magnetize boys of high birth or social position so their daughters’ future is in good hands. Do you realize how concerned parents are these days? It’s not easy. It’s a “branded zamana” as they say.
Oh talking of boys, I must admire that they appear to be very clear about the kind of girl they prefer to marry. I am saying this so you do not confuse yourself, as they pick entirely a different girl for their love affair(s).

Sigh. I plainly fail to understand why people get married though?, for the reason that even if they do for the love of one another, the “I” trouble still manages to plague it no matter how educated you are and what social backgrounds you belong to. The desire of standing for yourself still remains. You don’t consider yourself and your spouse as one. Marriages are often troubled when a husband feels cheated because his wife fails to live up to all his expectation and she is pretty much as frustrated for the same reason (believe it). Instead of recognizing and correcting their own flaws, they grumble about the things the other spouse does or does not do.
Don’t get mad at me. Admit it. It is the same absurd, whimsical cycle or is it not? You tell me.

  1. Actually no it is not the same whimsical cycle and not all marriages are doomed to disaster. Although i do agree that we here in Pakistan spend too much on weddings and go nuts in raising children for them and all that. However if one works at a marriage in its downers the uppers continue to get closer and closer together until one fine day you awaken to realize you have a blissful family which you can love and cherish as your own. Its a means to an end, not the end itself.

  2. sadly, it wasn’t for you to tell me : ) you don’t belong to the class i was referring to. That’s a whole different planet.

  3. but faisal..u totally give me hope for the future…who knows…there might be.. *GASP*.. sane men out there.. lol

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