It begins?

I was pretty much minding my business doing closing at my shop today when a bearded figure walked in greeted me and slapped the following down on the counter, he then nodded gave me the once over in a pretty stern manner and walked out.

Needless to say upon reading the said pamphlet i was more than a little aghast. As a Karachite and what can be loosely defined at an urbanite of Pakistan i am rarely accustomed to reading “Jihadi” paraphernalia, after all this is not excatly Peshawar (no offence) However the creepy sensation that i and a lot of others around me are feeling is apparently well founded. The pamphelet basically extols the corruptness of all our collective leaders and calls for an establishment of “Khilafat” which is basically the purest form of Islamic law & Governance that went out of vogue many centuries ago when the last “Imam” of Islam met his maker.  A purist form of Islamic governance based on the merging of several Islamic states in the world today to be governed by Shariah. As far fetched and impossible as it sounds its still quite scary to see that there are now organizations propagandizing for it in Karachi as well.

Yes yes i know Prof Israr Ahmed has been saying this for the last 5 years but take a look at this and judge for your self. Me im considering keeping a beard!

Heck if it happens my advice to my Jihadi brethen is “Do not forget to include Saudi Arabia in the khilafat guys, for after all the bait ul mal has to be financed by someone”

Please also note that Altaf Bhai is nowhere to be seen in this pamphlet..hmmm

  1. Seriously we should support MQM with our full energy, they are the only one who can protect us from Taliban and pathans other wise Karachi people are so sissy that it would not take too long to capture them. MQM should release its goon on these people if it comes to that way.

  2. hmm The infamous Hizb-ul-Tahrir. Interesting. I believe they’ve got some sort of viral SMS going with the same message.

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