How much is too much?

I think today is the day for weird and comedic news, first i came across the vulture shindig being organized by the Nepalese government and then this latest barn burner.

Apparently a member of the religious police in Saudi Arabia has now been accused of having six wives at the same time. Please note however that it is quite common in the kingdom to have more than one wife or most common to have at least 4 wives. Would be loves can thus be encouraged by divorcing the first wife to do “nikkah” (Islamic rite of marriage) with the 5th one whenever she appears on the horizon of life.

In this case however it seems that the accused “forgot” about divorcing the two earlier ones when he married the two later ones. Which begs to ask the question what in gods name can a 56 year old man be doing with 6 wives.

Do not get me wrong, I know its common and allowed in Islam but for heavans sake, I consider myself to be a normal 33 year old pretty in shape individual who has been married for 8 years now.  I cannot even think of taking on another wife in anyway shape or form. It is specifically mentioned in Islam that all wives have to be treated equally. Now riddle me this and if you are a male you will understand this even more clearly. So you marry a 22 year old say 8 years or so later you fall in love again with another 22 year old. Now can you honestly say to yourself that you can treat the 30 year old first wife as endearingly as you would the 22 year old new one?

That is not just insanely impossible it is a lie in itself so that to me makes this whole 4 wifes thingy fall flat on its face. Now what this old buzzard was doing with six really beats me but i shure as hell would not want to be a woman in Saudi Arabia.

Wonder what his bathroom sink look like…hahahaha

  1. Spending time equally is condition, not making love with same passion I guess.

  2. doood… i cannot even stand six women together …much less go into the intricacies of spending time or whateveh

  3. The key is “diversity” Faisal 🙂 . Believe me you would never get bored then, at least I won’t.

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