Here comes the Rain

After days of hot, dusty, steamy weather the heavens finally opened up last evening and Karachities got one hell of a downpour. It was around 7:30pm when the skies went totally dark and then it started, lashing wind and rain coming down by the bucketful.

As always the rain was welcomed by throngs of kids and adults alike dancing and smiling in it, roadside vendors selling fried spicy crisps and the assorted goodies did roaring business as people got stuck in immense traffic jams on the way home.

Best of all the City District Goverment services seemed to be in full swing as I spotted drainers on many a spot cleaning and rectifying the water situation on roads as well as planting red flags in front of deep pot holes and crevices. The Air turned cold and the water colder as rain kept lashing the city till midnight. Most disappointing as always was KESC which switched off the entire cities lights till midnight. However since more areas have overhead wiring which falls during thunderstorms this is also a life saving although very irritating measure.

I drove home amongst the chaos and then spent the rest of the evening perched on my terrace watching the rain falling down and washing away the grime off the palm trees in my small garden. Till the morning came, smells of wet earth wafted through the open windows as the sound of falling water brought peace. Needless to say i love the rain!

Wonder what it was like for you?

  1. for a change, no drama in my life
    i got home before it started and spent the next 14 hours sans electricity … cant complain though … i am in a good mood

  2. i loved the karachi rains! there is nothing like it, no matter how much it rains here in america.
    miss karachi!
    love karachi!!

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