Democracy on vacation

We all sang odes to it, we all thought it was gonna save this country but in fact the following is what democracy has given us in the last 100 days. Yeh sure some of these problems are world wide and some of them are not the direct result of democracy but hell they are here, staring us in the face and what is the so called democratic setup of Pakistan doing about them?

1) 20% Inflation in the last 3 months. This is an overall conservative estimate, most of the edibles have doubled and petrol has gone from Rs 58 to Rs 75 a liter around 30% up.

2) Crashing Economy ala the textile crises and stock exchange, the two biggest employers in Karachi. The property prices are also reducing at daily rates due to the instability.

3) Devaluation of the Pak Rupee by 17% it touched a new low of 74 rs to a dollar recently.

4) An absolute and utter lack of governance, roads are dug up, people are being kidnapped, nobody knows who is in charge.

5) Withdrawel of subsidies from all utilities making our electricity bills and gas bills go through the roof.

The PM is in Dubai having being called there, to discuss matters of the state with the PPP co chairman and the other nine makhdooms. Nawaz Sharif is in London waiting for the co chairman of the PPP to arrive there after his Dubai meeting. Altaf Bhai has called his entire rabita committee through which he runs his party to London for important meetings as well. So basically the entire leadership of this nation is abroad at the moment. The only person who is here is the one accused of having fled to turkey and what not right after the grand alliance took the center stage of democracy. The only person who is still standing and acting responsibly is Musharraf.  So what and who are we fooling ourselves for?

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  1. I hate reading this about Pakistan, I hate having to hear about it from friends and family, I hate watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN and his pompous ass remarks about a once great nation. I feel a connection with this once majestic goddess that is called Pakistan, even though I wasn’t born there, and the most time I spent there is 3-4 weeks every 3 years…

    I think the demise lies within a lot of reasons that unfortunately can not be fixed anymore. A solution? there might not be one… but there might be a chance of saving some face if someone like Benito Mussolini or Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was around. I’m sure you wont agree with it… but blood is being spilled everyday regardless right? so why not spill the blood, (and in mass quantities might I add) of anyone who goes against the grain… if the state of Texas can still fry people on electric chairs, then surely Pakistan can start hanging people till death in public.

    but then again, haven’t the so-called leaders been always the problem for this country?

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