Bye Bye Karzai

suck it up mayor
suck it up mayor

As war looms on the horizon and the mayor of Kabul gets exceedingly childish in his statements to the foreign media, it comes as no surprise that someone has blown the whistle on this maniac.

A former Us Narcotics specialist Thomas Schweich has opened the lid on the mayors illustrated protection of poppy growers in his country.  As mentioned many times before by me on this blog Afghanistan produces around 90% of the worlds opium supply with a street value of around 4 Billion USD yep ladies and gents 4 billion big ones for the so called Taliban that the Nato forces are fighting.  So wait let me get this straight, the allies bring down the heavy hardware all the way from North Carolina to Bagram to wipe out these damn Taliban and the whole time their henchman mayor is playing them like the virtual fiddle?

Now that as they say is Pashtun justice! Offcourse its the ISI that’s responsible for the crops making the winds sweet down south is it Mr Karzai? The truth is he dare not move on the opium growers in the south of Afghanistan because that is the base of his political power *cough* funding.

Well it may be a huge shock to the allies but its not a new story for us Pakistani’s because guess what? We are the country that gave people like Karzai’s family shelter when all hell was breaking lose in Afghanistan. The end result of which is that the mayor threatens to bring down his army, the proverbial fist of god that is all 300 of them to Pakistan and kick our ass.

I think its time for Mr Mayor to be sent back to the Virginia suburb he arrived from. Perhaps he can tour the cocktail circles around DC and tell the wide eyed crowd how brave his war against terror really was.



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