Brain Fart Part I

Its been quite a strange week this last one.  In between various weddings attended by me and my clan, i wonder why people get married in this heat? Its horrible weather to get a crowd of people together to have spicy food to say the least.  I have also come to the realization that me and my group of friends watching Pakistan play live is some sort of a retro curse on our cricket. Whenever we get together for something of this nature the result is an awful loss for team Pakistan.

We went to the first Ind Vs Pak match here in Khi and look what happened? Sehwag’s bat started raining sixes and we ran for cover.  We all got disgusted and stopped watching the Asia cup and yesterday Pak pulls the rabbit out of the hat.  Come to think of it, Pak never fails to astound me, be it our cricket or the way we do things here or our government or just anything about this place, its all so violent, so beautiful and so unpredictable.

Take the case of our newly formed “democratic” government they passed a budget and then they rolled it back. They impose taxes and took away subsidies and then they took the taxes away and messed it all up!! Now we have over the top inflation, fuel & food prices are going haywire and so is the northern part of our land. We have Talibs knocking at our doors and their call is loud and clear ” its them or us” so what are  we gonna do??? We cannot shut off this mutant we created to serve our old Masters and now our democratic leaders are running to the military, save us save us they say. Well that saving comes at a price, and now the military has attacked the militants full force, to settle this once and for all. I wonder how long will it take the military to realize that they need to take control of other matters as well? its a vicious cycle and it is not going away.

Add to that the fact that i now live a dual life, one in the real world of hard knocks where doing business is tough and takes effort and imagination. Where the other is being part of a major tv channel here where creativity breeds ideas which results in big money for execs while the process for creation is a ho hum of coming into work at midday and going home after chilling out and lounging in air conditioned offices till 5pm and it gets seriously hilarious.

I am not exactly complaining as within a year of starting to write again i have had the honor of meeting a lot of people that i have admired from some distance. Plus they have supported me and to my astonishment i am now Assitant Ed of a news supplement with quite a large circulation. Sometimes i sit alone and think how many eyes have gone over my ramblings by now. It is a very strange and to me thrilling a feeling but it also leads to the thought of what this strange new world will result in, where does this door i have stepped through lead to in the end?

Perhaps i think too much? but is that not the bane of all those who reflect? and trust me every writer has to reflect. Sometimes i think we are like sponges which soak up the various stimuli that our environment provides us and then spit it out in a jumble of words people can sometimes relate to. In any case i think i have worn my readers and my patience down by now so i shall take my leave.

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils … – Louis Hector Berlioz

  1. //circulation in the millions.///

    meray bhai
    who told you this? … An English newspaper with circulation of millions — in Pakistan?!?!?!?!?!

    what English language newspaper can have the circulation of millions in Pakistan … we do not have enough literate people with means to buy two rupees worth Urdu newspaper, how can they buy an English language newspaper which costs 15 rupees per copy and that too in millions and that too on a week day!
    Whosoever told you these figures must have been high on something really potent … ….

  2. Well i confirmed the figures with the marketing department but they may be exaggerating things so i have changed the said statement to reflect a less specific number, happy :)? This just goes to show that people are reading my posts hahahaha.. and that’s all that matters!!

  3. Perhaps i think too much? but is that not the bane of all those who reflect? and trust me every writer has to reflect..
    🙂 Being an aspiring writer myself I would say that this thinking too much is just the sort of wiring the “writing type” of people have!We just can’t seem to help it,and then the words just form in our heads and are dying for an outlet…its all quite amazing actually!
    That being said,I’m having fun reading you’re blog, it’s very honest and refreshing!

  4. What really knocks me out about reading this blog is that although the cultural context is entirely different to mine, and we live thousands of miles apart, the sentiments are exactly the same.

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