Are we raising Pussies or Men?

What is it about this everyday routine life that makes me get up in the morning?

Has serendipity blessed me or has it stricken me with the virus? Not the virus that plagues me like a 24 hours HIV but the virus of honestly being addicted to a lifestyle and the idea that the everyday “normal Joe” can let go of four hours a night. In every big city, where you can watch hookers and cops rub elbows at the watering hole and actually not care about what they do. How about drug dealers and lawyers passing each other as they stand over the urinal and drain out what has been consumed over the last three hours and talk about who the hell is winning the World Cup.

Every night there is a hope for a young man looking to deflower himself by going where many have gone before with the help of the beer goggled vision. Every night these bars and clubs create an adult fantasy land so that everyone can forget how shitty your lives are in that one particular moment in our mundane monotonous reality. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! If it all ended today, there would be no regrets.

I can write about this, and with conviction, because anyone who knows me and drinks with me has realized long ago that I am an authority on this topic… not only because I’m knee deep in women! Not because a player, a pimp, or a mack… but simply someone who understands how the everlasting circus of “man-meets-woman” works.

I have come to the conclusion that we are raising pussies for men in our society. These guys have no game and no skills of picking up girls anymore. The pickup skills in the club have diminished to a point where I honestly believe that a reject from “Revenge of the Nerds 3” has an honest to God chance of getting some sex. The skills of the game have moved backwards and I blame the internet for it. Myspace, Facebook, Messenger or any other type of social network has seriously corrupted the evolution of “Pickup”. Its horrendous watching these guys drop the ball consistently when dealing when women in the clubs.

Over the last five years I have watched these clubs and bars go from a place to pick up chicks, to a place you go after you meet them online. It’s pathetic!

These guys send out a message to some random girl saying, “Hey, how do I know you?” and they get a response like, “I dunno, maybe? Are you friends of Amber?” Then they look at her friend list and study Amber’s profile, add her and say, “Yes”. There is no more rejection. That is what builds up your character and perfects your skills. There is nothing like going up to a girl in a club when she’s dancing and screaming into her ear, “HEY! CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK?” She will either spit in your face OR say Yes! The generation of men in today’s world can’t handle rejection. They sit in front of a screen with their black socks and underwear and spruce up there manly resume with nacho stained finger tips and click away on Facebook and send out about 800 messages hoping to get one reply back.

It’s a numbers game. If you send out 800 messages, eventually you are going to get laid. It’s too easy in 2008.

Ladies, if you are single right now and can’t figure out why you can’t find a man with any substance to his soul, this is the reason.

Gentlemen, do us all a favour. Get into the clubs and practice rejection. It makes you a better player and if you actually land the one fish that makes your heart skip a beat, you will eventually know what to do with it.


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  1. hahahahhahaha…. RRRRRRRRR nice

    and that pic on your post… i might use it for the blog header muhahhahahaha

    wait so if a chick spits in yr face…would that mean she saying no? or you just get more drunk and come back? or hmmm perhaps she likes to spit? well time to google her then!

    rawk on!

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