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Nowadays saviors of all sorts and types are coming out of the woodwork here in Pakistan. The latest of these messiahs seems to be the ex generals and officers committee that has been holding several meetings in the capital and coming on Tv channels. They have lambasted the governance of Musharraf and the measures he has carried out which have seemingly to them, destroyed the name of the forces in Pakistan.

They call themselves the “Ex servicemen committee”, funny thing is where was this spirit of patriotism when they were at the helm of things? I mean some of them are ex generals of the armed forces of Pakistan. That means at some point in their illustrious careers they must have stood at a position of considerable power in the regime where the army ruled for the last 8 years!! So where was all this bravado at that moment in time? could they not oppose the forces of evil that they claim the good General(retd) to be?

Actually what they are trying to tell us is that though they had all the power and forces in Pakistan at their commands and did nothing for the country. They want us the people who have nothing at their command, no not even the price of petrol as some economists have us believe, to stand up with them and march towards democracy!

Err so let me get this straight….what happened on Feb 18th when we voted our elected representatives in was not democracy. Democracy will come now if we march with the “ex servicemen committee” and the “lawyers movement” and the “peoples resistance” and what not. You know what?

I think i am a bit fed up of democracy at the moment, the bloody thing does not seem to come into being at all. I would sincerely advice all my brethren to think 4 times before following people who amassed tons of moolah at the behest of the very administration they now malign freely in the media. I would also like our media “free” as it is to get some sort of a frigging backbone please and stop acting like a carnival of side show freaks all at the behest of ratings. Every time i switch on the telly i want to puke, so i have switched it off!! why? because all i see are channels piling up bodies like merchants pile up their wares in display cases to sell!!

I would also like world peace, but i guess i have gone too far for that already.

  1. Exactly what i was thinking.
    When i first heard the title of “Ex servicemen committee” i asked the same question, us waqt kahan thay jab aap ehtejaj ke ilawa bhi kuch kar saktay thay …

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