Time for Change In The US?

When i heard the news of Billary giving up her election campaign my heart did beat an extra beat or two. The era of the political dynasties in the U.S seems to be over!!! Obama has won the democratic nomination and kudos to him for that!!

It is about time a person of color became the president of the united states. The presidency has been an “old boys club” for too long there & Mrs Clinton in my opinion would have just served to be another mouthpiece for the Clinton family in the White House. I would say i am biased in my opinion of her but any woman who stands by her man’s total misuse of power and position ala Lewinsky just because he is the president is worthy of loathing to me.

The Obama campaign focused on “Change” for its theme and i daresay it is bloody time to bring about change in how America views the world and engages with it!!

Along the way however i hope Mr Obama has come to realize that there will be several forces in American society pitted against his campaign to bring about wholesale change. Still if there is any hope for the world at large America has to play a role now to soothe tensions and suppress them rather than go about acting as the world’s policeman.

Roll on Obama, this Paki is behind you 200%
check this out, Billary conceding
Obama declares victory

  1. Did you listen to his recent address to AIPAC? Look like more of the same retarded mentality in the White House to me.

  2. Now maybe the world will see us as a country of real people instead a Hollywood movie that has been running way too long. We will gain so much respect from countries that may even be jealous of what we have done. France, England, Germany, etc., have never had a black person in power. And they have been around much longer than we have been. If from now on we have different races in power and not just Caucasian people, who can come back as long as they have one with sensibility, other countries will treat us better and be more willing to listen to what we have to say in the dealings in the world overall. Yes, Obama’s presidency could be one of the best things that ever happened to this country!

  3. This cracks me up for a couple of reasons.
    A person of “color” you say?
    I thought, to be that, you had to be 100% of a particular color…red, green, yellow, etc.
    If not mistaken,Barack is half of two colors so I hardly think that makes him a person of “color” as you state.
    Also, it is long past time all media types stop giving him a free pass about his racism and muslim beliefs!!!

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