The importance of being earnest – and single!!!

Today’s Review is plastered with stories about being single, unmarried and…*gasp*… HAPPY!!!

I almost cried at the fact that people are finally realising that you dont need to be married or seeing anyone to be happy… The two things that struck me most in the different articles were…

1. When comparing marriage to eternal bliss, it was said eternal bliss is not so blissful because “Eternal bliss SNORES!!!!” … lol! it also said eternal bliss puts restrictions on your freedom, when you can go visit your mother, on your career, on which friends you can have…

I mean, please..who needs eternal bliss if thats what it entails!

2. Pakistani mentality dictates, and again I quote, ” If a girl crosses 30, she is past her sell- by date, and everyone automatically assumes something is wrong with her – no one ever lifts an accusing finger towards the man – even if he might have chucked her out of the house. If a girl doesnt marry, she is either gay or has boyfriends”.

COME ON PEOPLE!!! is this how we were raised to think? must everything be about submission to men? I mean, don’t you all, men and women, agree with me on this, that marriage requires SO much sacrifice on a girls part? leaving her house , her family, her friends, changing entirely the way she does things, making sure every one is happy, making sure she doesn’t step on anyone’s toes –

Men, you get to go on business trips, be away from screaming kids all day, sit in an airconditioned enviornment , go on business trips to exotic places by day, and nightclubs at night – men need to realise how MUCH women do, and express their appreciation- treat your women with respect, (and I mean women who choose to be your wives, not your possessions), and treat them as equals, not as subordinates, who are supposed to make you hot fresh chappatis even if they are bone tired taking care of YOUR kids, YOUR houses, and YOUR parents.

So, my point being, women are finally realising that they don’t need this shit from unappreciative men, and that thye can be single and happy, and pursue their careers. They can be financially independant, emotionally independant, and have very fulfilling lives. Even parents are coming to terms with this, and society is going to slowly become more accepting…

If you’re a single gal, enjoy your freedom, pursue your dreams, and remember that you are as good as every man, if not better, and more competent. And NEVER EVER EVER let any man make you feel otherwise! 🙂

Hurray for women! 🙂 lets party!

  1. I obviously can’t comment on Pakistan, but in England the educated woman’s drudgery seems to start when she starts a family, and not when she marries. Up until then equality’s fine… after that, it seems to go out of the window!

  2. measures the estrogen on his blog… hmmmm seems to be getting higher…

    must write some chauvinistic posts to counter all this 😛

    Well written though!!

  3. Wonderful post. But might I suggest that men not only appreciate all that their wives do but also help them out with all they have to do as well?

  4. welshwillow – its the same way out there too huh!?!!

    faisal – LOL…verrry funny 🙂 yes yes, write something chauvanistic..
    its true though, perhaps not you, but the average, or even above average, pakistani males dont want to strike a balance between their families and their wives, and dont want to compromise – its the all or nothing principle. they expect u to give up your self respect and if you don’t comply with them, they threaten to leave u, etc etc. they dont care about commitments, they only care about the control they wish to have over you – because you;re now their “possession” – they wanna be the alpha male- everything they say is the law.

    And they use any means to get what they want, so much so that they will throw their commitments out the window, just to force you into complying – then its up to you to either have the sense to take ur dignity, show him the finger and walk away – or go into a life of being belittled and degraded and disrespect and putting up with all kinds of shit.

    I do definitely agree that the right man is somewhere… all hope is not lost

  5. Hmm… we don’t quite have that ‘possession’ thing in the UK – not in my direct experience, anyway. It’s more that, unless you’re very careful, you end up running round doing all the chores! I think it’s more because men have seen their mothers do this so think it’s how it is – we need to educate them.

    I have to be fair to my own husband – he has a sort of inbuilt equality sensor, but he does have a bit of a lazy streak! However my own feeling is, that as he earns about twice as much as I do (and he fully supported my choice to freelance and so earn less) then he has earned the right to be spoiled a bit.

  6. anna- i agree with you 100% …but its not easy to make men here comply with that..
    in the the sense that, they think they are doing us a favour by letting us work, thereby we must do ALL housework, and balance children and family and everything else, just to be “allowed” to work…

    these fools dont think that helping in the hosue is neccessary…
    working at home is SO exhausting…if a man cooks some spagetti for a change, it wont kill him
    but u try talking sense into these paki men

  7. I object!!!! vehemently not all men are like you describe here batty. I love cooking and would gladly help my wife out in that regard. Infact when i come home from work one of my chief goals is to take care of the two kids so she can get a break!

    I also know for a fact that there are many men like me here!!

    Train us indeed…what are we monkeys? hmphh

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