Ronaldo saying Bye Bye??

No one could have suspected this after Man U won that crucial final against Chelsea in the UEFA cup, but it is happening.  The heart of Man U, the charismatic Portuguese right winger Christiano Ronaldo has a dream and that features him dashing round the pitch at the Bernabau not Old Trafford.

Everyone knows about Real Madrid!! Yes all the way here in Pakistan as well! We are keen watchers of the beautiful game and although my club is Liverpool and shall remain so, even i can understand the meaning of playing at Real.

It is simply the premiere club of the world of football, the creme del a creme of the game play there and the prospect of the skills on display and the competition of la liga “the Spanish league” is intense, far more than the premiership. So every kid picking up football as their game wants to play there someday, and Ronaldo although being a scintilating star at Man U has the same hope. Everyone from Zidane to Beckham to Figo to Raul to Cannavaro, they have all done the same.

Right now though Man U is trying desperately to keep their star in check, ranging from pressure via texts from their older and more senior players to Sir Alex Furgessun claiming “Foul” to Real’s public but tacit acceptance of their demand to get Ronaldo.

On his part Ronaldo has admitted to his dream publicly and has also said “the move does not depend on him” which is basically his plea to his club to let him go.

I think it will be interesting to see whether big money, politics and coaches can keep a kid from fulfilling his dream.

  1. Real and Barca are star attractions for any world-class player like Ronaldo. Plus, the Spanish league is easily the most exciting and competitive league so no wonder everyone loves to play there. I hope he does move, partly because I don’t like ManYoo (and would love to see them relegated some day! :P)

  2. 1) Man U and Chelsea met in the Final of the Champions League not the UEFA Cup. They’re different competitions.

    2) The heart of Man U is Rooney not Ronaldo. Its pretty obvious, hes the new Keane(not the role he plays of course but his character and impact on the rest of the team) ….. The leader.

    3)For 50-90 Quid and Robihnio and considering an up and comming Nani, frankly, Ronaldo is replaceable. Best Player of the world he may be but Rooney is far more important to Man U than Ronaldo will ever be. Man U fans and the club have shown tremendous loyalty to Ronaldo, its rather sad than he and your article above does not acknowledge this.

    4) If he wants to leave, he can and will. Everyone knows this.

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