Muhammad Asif “Held” in Dubai

It seems that Pakistani sportsmen never learn new tricks. It was not long ago that the “new” Pakistani bowling sensation Muhammad Asif got involved in a doping scandal which almost ruined his career. When he was let off by an appellant tribunal many people questioned the sagacity of this decision. I am afraid they were totally right in doing so.

It is now being reported that the said fast bowler has been “held up” in Dubai by authorities there for suspicion of carrying some kind of contraband. The laws in the U.A.E are seriously strict in this matter and such offenses are not taken lightly there. Obviously on ground level here, nothing is known for certain about this matter or the “contra band” he was found with. Still as a Pakistani my head hangs with shame at such people representing my nation to the world.

I think the PCB should ban him for life and close this sad chapter once and for all. No Ifs No butts and no stupid “duuh i cant read” excuses!!

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  1. meh. I was reading yesterdays paper and apparently Shoiab Khan was excluded from the Team to Bangladesh. Stupid selectors. Well, this way he’ll get some experiance.

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