Lawson steps in it


After the Karachi loss to India in the Asia cup, Shoaib Malik chose not to face the media.  Pakistan’s coach Lawson did and proceeded to insult the entire bunch of journos present with his opening speech in which he remarked “please do not make statements but ask questions” after a reporter asked him something, he replied with “speak better English” when the media protested to this remark he got up to leave but was persuaded back. As soon as he took the podium the entire contingent of Pakistani media got up and left. He waved his arms in a get out gesture to them.  Following this the media have been protesting between intervals and Lawson has absolutely lost it in the eyes of the public here.

I would imagine that the first skill needed to coach a team in another country would be a bit of diplomacy? Lawson has apologized to his credit through a press release but the media is having none of it and want an apology in person. I say good on them!! English is our second language and he is coaching our team and being paid bloody well for it as well. So perhaps he should learn some urdu eh? rather than insult our media on not knowing proper queens english? Out with him i say…his behavior was utterly shabby!!

  1. come on.. you know how obtuse most of the journos are. They try and put words in everyone’s mouth. They hardly ask direct and intelligent questions. If there is anyone to be blamed here, it is Shoaib Malik who was not man enough to face the journos after the defeat.

  2. Signifies the shambolic state our cricket’s in. We’re in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late

  3. Being rude has always been there with the Australians.

    Shoaib must have come to the press meet and answered all that stupid questions from the media.

    If he is man enough to win he is also man enought to accept that ‘the other team played well’

    -Agni Sharman

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