Dysfunctional State?

Democracy was achieved in the Fatherland after February elections. It has however been hobbled by problems. Total  confusion still reigns as the government consists of a hotch potch of three political parties united for the sake of forming the government only, while totally different in their ideologies which makes for a weak center and thus confusion.  The resulting repercussions of this continuing chaos are just arriving into the fray. The first medals of a listless leadership of the new “Democratic Pakistan” are here.

We now have the dubious pleasure of being included in the list of dysfunctional states. The top 10, in order, are Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, Iraq, Congo, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and the Central African Republic.

We can play the blame game all we want, we can shout past transgessions to the heavens but the end result is the same. This republic is listless, corrupt and sinking fast.

  1. Big news in the UK today is that the government has instructed the ECB not to play the one day series against Zimbabwe next year. The genocide currently happening in that sad country makes me believe they are right. However when someone emailing into a radio programme mentioned that perhaps we should take the same action against Pakistan, as that, too, is a dictatorship, I was horrified. The situations of the two nations seem very different to me, but I am an outsider. Maybe I am influenced by the people I meet on this blog, and by the Pakistani people I come across in the UK.

    How does Zimbabwe, and the UK’s action against them, appear from Pakistan?

  2. Well to me it seems fair, after all the person in question that is Zims dictator is responsible for the killing of several thousand people if i am not wrong. Thank god Mush has not done anything like that…unless you count the several 100 zealots in Jamia Hafsa…but then the west does not refer to mullahs and religious students as humans do they? collateral damage i think they are called?

    Im posting a link from a guardian interview of Hanif the author of the Exploding Mangoes book on his moving back to karachi after spending 12 years in london this is i think a good perspective

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