Day Light Savings? Part II

I usually leave my house at around 9:30am to go to my office in the I.I Chundrigarh Rd Area. Having set all my clocks one hour ahead on the night of the 31st of May 2008. I set out as usual for the morning commute today. Surprise surprise i encountered almost nil traffic on the way and got here at exactly 9:45am, please note the usual commute takes 30-40 mins atleast.

Along the way all the major markets appear closed, the electronics one near Marriot Rd, the whole sale ones as well. When i got to my office only one member of my staff stood waiting. The rest trooped in at 10:45am surprised and confused as to why the boss is pissed.

It appears that this confusion is going to remain for a good while as some people are just not willing to comply with the DST application. I spent an hour yesterday convincing my grand mother to set her clocks forward but she has refused to do so as according to her, there is only one time not two times.

So as the whole city is confused, would it not have been better for the government to first take out ads in all major newspapers to explain the application of DST first? Would someone explain to me how all this confusion will result in the salvage of electricity? Oh wait i understand…its 11:18am and there is still no electricity at my office, this is how it shall be saved and the burden on the KESC lessened.

Bravo DST!!

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