Vinni Viddi Bloggie?

To all the bloggers out there the following should come as a vindication of sorts. We the collective personal power of millions of individuals blogging together has finally surpassed that of news papers and magazines. At least as far as google indicates, blogs have now generated more hits and interest than newspapers or magazines.

This news is exhibited well in the following statistical analysis provided by google trends.

  1. A very encouraging news for the bloggers. I am sure the blogging phenomena will thrive but i worry that too many famous bloggers might kill the young and innovative bloggers. I take this opportunity to appeal to the bloggers to keep up their effort and don’t get discouraged by less traffic or too few comments. One of the main reason that blogs have limited life is the low number of visitors to the blog.

  2. Well the numbers from pak are low because only 7% of the entire nation has internet. However we are all at it.. i am sure something will happen to make things better 🙂

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