The May 08 Aagahi

Well its out finally, my first venture into the world of print media as an Assistant editor. The first baby as it has been coined by the new “Aagahi” team.

Along the last month we have had many trials and errors & lots of time slots where we racked our brains to come up with something different. However at the end of it all, i think it has been an effort not wasted!! So i have the honor of presenting before thee all the new and revamped “Aagahi” a Supplement to “The News”

Special thanks to my co bloggers and contributors
Armughan Azam
Shumailla Zareen
Tazeen Javed
Zainub Razvi

All of the above have written & feature in this months supplement. Without them it would just be a piece of brightly colored paper. My thanks also to the Aagahi team, i have had the honor of working with, who have shown me “that those who dream are usually the ones that end up making a difference”

read it HERE and do give me some feedback good or bad.. i want it!!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out bruv, and the new AAGahi looks bloody fantastic!

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