PCB shoots itself in the foot, Again!

Its not enough that we the cricket fans are being force fed truly sordid drama in the name of the IPL, now it has started having an effect on decisions of other countries boards as well.

Shoaib Akhters previously imposed 5 year ban has now been suspended for a month to make way for his return to the IPL cricket team the Kolkatta Knight Riders. This sudden generosity of the PCB is alarming to say the least as a player who has been involved in several altercations and disreputable activities is now being given a chance to play cricket once more.

One could make the argument that the IPl does not really qualify as cricket, but since it has been given status by the ICC, are we to now assume that it overbears on any authority in the cricketing world? Not that any other board would be willing to make such concessions to their banned players in the first place.

However we Pakistanis are by now quite aware of the revolving door that are PCB’s decisions on their players and the sudden changes in fortune on the basis of contacts with higher ups.

Hint: the ban was supposed to punish him people, he has earned more than his share of livelihood from a game which has brought him fame and money only to see him act like it is his birthright.

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