Fruit for thought

In Pakistan, giving people bouquets of flowers and mithaiee or chocolates, is the norm for any celebratory event.. But did you think about bouquets of FRUIT?!!!! Check out Edible Arrangements

The concept is so funky. Everything from chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate bananas to pineapple flowers and melon leaves and cherries on a stick!

They even cater to every occasion! like “have a ball on fathers day” – this is a bouquet arranged in a golf ball bowl! isnt that funky.. Theyre almost like the fruity version of hallmark cards!!!!! check it out..mind blowing stuff!!

Imagine if someone was to start it here, given that we have such a great variety of fruit – not to mention the BEST TASTING FRUIT world over!!!! 😀

  1. We do have big ol baskets of fruits here!! that are used on occasions with all assorted varieties to eat of fresh fruits and even canned pine apples in them. I guess someone just has to take the next step 🙂 why don’t you?

    God the melon delight for the summer looooks awesome… give me one of those and a deserted beach with while and and blue waves…. siigh and some liquid also 🙂

  2. hahaha

    hai, we need some really talented entreprenuers to take up that sort of thing..
    i knew someone who was amazing at fruit cuttng and decoration once..

    i love the chocolate coated strawberries n bananas
    and thepinapple chocolate starts
    they look SO goood!!!

    all u need is a recliner on the beach, the waves, the sun the sand,
    and a pina colada and this fruit – straight from the fridge . cold, juicy and delicious

  3. Fruit for thought. I couldn’t have said it better myself. great piece

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