Fatherhood once more

Ever since achieving fatherhood on 2nd may once again, I seem to have entered a new dimension in my inner quandaries and self questioning on the onus of responsible adulthood. The first time was more than 4 years ago and the mind seems to have forgotten the total array of trials and tribulations new babies and parent hood brings. Obviously the first kid brings a wave of euphoria into one’s relationship and life and thus a lot of things go forgotten or unnoticed.

Not that i am not happy at the birth of my son Shehryar mind you, its just that his birth has arrived as what i regard a major watershed in my life and thus it has given me due propulsion to reflect. Though in my case this might not be too good a thing as i tend to think too much as it is. In fact i am often told that less thought and more action is the need of the hour.

Anyways the first thing that struck me amidst the wild celebrations and congratulations being bandied about the family hunting grounds, was the fact that even in this day and age with all of our liberalized thought and new age behavior the birth of a male child is like an AK47 going off compared to a daughters mild pistol shot announcement in this part of the mudball. Yes sir you got it right, not an hour goes by these days without me being congratulated and thumped on the back like i have found the shroud of Turin or something. The fact that i am as proud at this child’s arrival as i was the last time is all but lost in shouts of “The heir is here” uggh

Secondly the common thought of “more responsible living” is also circulating in my mind. However how do i make these changes? Do i go around somberly nodding my head like those “know it all” parents who claim to have witnessed each myth of what a child is.  Or do i make changes in my lifestyle?  Not that its that of a social butterfly as it is, the weekdays are spent working and the weekends with the family and friends also along with their families. So what do i do? They say some change is required to go forth into this new frontier, but is this a new frontier?  Or is it just an extension of the last frontier? What is the last frontier anyways? Am i supposed to get grey hair now? am i supposed to be getting older or more mature or what? Is this the start of the long end?

I guess in time all of my questions will be answered, for i do not even regard death in its physical form as the last step & thats not just because of my religious inclinations. Perhaps it is time i do make that call to St Germaine, he happens to know the answer to almost all as it is.

  1. You answered yourself Faisal, “I guess in time all of my questions will be answered.”

  2. Congratulations, Faisal – and NO! – NOT because it is a BOY! You know me! But because it is another child. My best to your wife as well. You are both very brave, from where I sit. TWO children? Double the “fun?” I guess it is only natural to become all philosophical about the birth of a child – but don’t get carried away – you didn’t just suddenly age with one foot in the grave over night. Besides – aren’t children supposed to make us younger? Ha!

  3. True Anna… after a few days of philosophizing and all.. i feel like a stallion again.. #3 ?? hmmmmmm and thank you 🙂 im thinking of posting a pic of him here.

    Lol @ Aami.. i usually do man…its one of my biggest faults…sometimes i feel like i am having a conversation with myself.

  4. i think the main change will be the you that you discover yourself to be as father to Shehryar – emerging over time, as he grows and you share your life and self with him.

  5. Congrates, faisal bhayya for the arrival of your baby boy! It I’m sure will add to the happiness children bring to a family. I like the name Shehryar pretty much and that is what I suggested for my recently born nephew.
    Waiting for the mithaee … lol ..


  6. Congratulations!! If i tell you how i cried with dismay when i heard that my first unborn baby was most likely a girl, most of you might want to hate me. Thats ok!! But she is the light of our lives since she’s born. I can not ask for more from Allah or imagine if she was a boy. The bias towards a male baby is intrinsic in our society. I do not know if it is going to change or not. About becoming more responsible, take it easy, Time teaches eveything!

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