Eyesore In Karachi

Right across from the major four way traffic junction at Regent Plaza these days on Shahrae Faisal sits a Giant driving distraction. I am sure any Karachite plying this only artery of our enormous Megapolis knows what i am speaking off. This Giant LCD is what’s causing the glare in this picture i took not more than 3 hours ago at “said” traffic light. Imagine the traffic accidents that can be caused by something like this? Do our civic authorities smoke too much weed these days? Do they not realize that traffic in this city is a mad jumble of something out of a cartoon rather than real life as it is. To further subject the drivers to this is utterly insane. If this is what the camera and an 8 Megapixel one at that takes in as input, just think for a second what the human eye is absorbing. I appeal to our authorities if anyone is still listening up there!! We do not need a second sun at night!! We are already sick of the one we get in the day Damnit!


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