Deadliest Cyclone ever!!

On Saturday western Burma was hit with what might have been the worst cyclone to date in the history of mankind. Cyclone nargis hit an area where 2.4 million people live and all five zones of this area including Rangoon/Yangon the capital have been declared disaster zones. The extent of the damage is such that entire towns have been blown away with the inhabitants and thousands of buildings flattened. The death toll has currently risen to 10,000 people which is ghastly but is still going up.

Cyclone Nargis had winds with speeds up to 190 kph and a sea surge which literally took everything in its path along with it. To top this all of the idiotic Myanmar regime was not willing to let Un and other aid agencies in but now that the volume of the disaster is imminent they have been left with no choice.

By comparison Katrina which was made famous the world over for the suffering it caused killed 1836 people. According to current reports, 80% of Rangoon is gone.

The world must do all to help the poor people of Myanmar/Burma or literally thousands more will die due to the starvation and aftermath of this disaster.

BBC Video of Cyclone

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  1. Unfortunately, the world can not do much when the government of Burma does not want large numbers of foreigners coming in. This is understandable given the history of western colonialism. But the burma government has colonized its own people.

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