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Ok, i officially announce that it is seriously gloves off time in the Indian film industry.

I heard about this but had to actually google and find out for true the fact that Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and even “Sallu Bhai” Salman Khan have their own blogs.

No i do not mean they have blogs where writers write for them and present a savvy side of their personalities. Its actually them, you can see it clearly when Salman makes statements like

“But believe me I have been guided by my instincts and my heart all my life! I do not depend too much on intelligence, analysis and calculations” on His Blog

Or when Aamir Khan extols the virtues of the new house he just bought, which of all the things has come along with a dog called Shahrukh, who begs for his “attention” all the time HERE

However the best, and by far the hardest hitting of all is Big B’s Blog. He has i guess had enough of the Indian media taking him and his family for a mucho pay giving gossip ride, and is giving it to the press and his fellow stars with daggers drawn. I mean he is actually quoting articles and commentating on people slandering him with the bitchiness of a man who has been keeping it all in for like zillions of years.

Unbelievable all of this. It means that now Bollywood fueds will be fought live on the web in front of the whole world and magazines like stardust may just go out of business. For what could be better than getting it straight from the actors mouth.

I must admit, i made comments on each one of these blogs and specially on Bachan’s Blog. It is a really weird feeling to be even commenting on or talking to these people….like i said many times before in this post..this is seriously weird and kool at the same time.

Going by the thousands of comments going and the just goes to show the power of blogging as well with its world wide instantaneous reach.

P.S i wonder if anyone is gonna reply lol!!!

  1. well written…i just feel these stars should use their blogs to give voice to their views on various topics…they should not just keep blabbering about themselves, their movies, why who wrote what etc etc…

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