I started writing this novelette… about 2 months ago. A love story…somewhere between Mills & Boon and dare i say something good. Thing is i wrote furiously for about a month….got to the part where its almost finished.

However it is stuck now, i read it again… i try to imagine what it would be like from the inside of the characters minds but i just cannot finish it.

It was supposed to end on a happy note, but then it got to the point where it could not end happily, and now its just stuck in limbo. I know i can finish it if i force myself to write the end. Should i force myself though? I normally never write until it comes to me, it has to flow through my mind to my fingers and onto a keyboard or a paper.

Then don’t the best love stories not end happily? I sometimes think of this as the epitomy of love to not meet its destiny, to forever smolder without ever going alight.

Maybe i need to go away to someplace exotic like an island beach with no one i know there, and just soak up the rays to finish it.

Has anyone experienced this kind of writers block?? i mean i have multiple ends in sight but i just cannot end it, its coming to a point where i might just set it on fire… looking for suggestions..

  1. writer’s block?


    keep writing something…pick a poem and translate it…the key is to keep writing:)

    and pretty soon you will drift to this novelette (your subconscious is still mulling over the direction and possibilities inherent in the story)

    good luck!

  2. dont force it…let it be sad….love is happy until it lasts…when its over….its gloomy and lonely….

    dont force it….some times…moving away from it….is the solution….think of a new novel…watch a few movies read a few books….you will get your ending….

    the ending has to be good for someone to buy your next novel….take your time…

  3. This isn’t unusual. Don’t rush it, give it time. Think about what might happen. Play over the options from inside each character’s mind and you will come it to. Thinkins time is just as valuable as time spent actually writing. Even walk away, and write something else.

    But also accept you may never finish it. One day you will start something you will finish.

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