The Top 10 “Best Paranormal Pictures”

With a keen interest in history and the paranormal, i am the sort of a person who when visiting Georgetown in D.C makes a beeline for the house made famous by the Exorcist then say stroll in the art district or shop.

Thus i thought it would be nice to share with my readers, if they are interested or out there a list of what i consider the Top 10 best “actual pictures” taken of paranormal events.

10) Madonna Of Bachelors Grove

This pic was taken in a research study carried out by “The Ghost Research Society” 1991 at the “Bachelors Grove” cemetery near Chicago in the U.S. Reputed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world, often apparitions in the form of a young woman or monks are seen by people here. Seen up close the woman sitting on a tombstone has transparent parts and her dress is clearly mid 60’s.

9) Ghosts Of The SS WaterTown

James Courtney and Michael Meehan, crew members of the S.S. Watertown, died while cleaning a cargo tank in an oil tanker on route to Panama in 1924, they were buried at sea. However the crew reported witnessing their faces in the port side waves for days before arriving at New Orleans. Captain Keith Tracy reported this strange incident to his employers who suggested he take a photograph. He then acquired a camera and took 6 images on the voyage onwards, this is one of them.

8) Girl in Burning Building

When Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England burned to the ground. Many spectators gathered to watch the old building, built in 1905, as it was being consumed by the flames. Tony O’Rahilly, a local resident, was one of those onlookers and took photos of the spectacle with a 200mm telephoto lens from across the street. One of those photos shows what looks like a small, partially transparent girl standing in the doorway. Nether O’Rahilly nor any of the other onlookers or firefighters recalled seeing the girl there. this photo was checked by Dr Vernon Harrison and declared untampered with. In 1677, historical records note, a fire destroyed many of the town’s old timber houses. A young girl named Jane Churm, the legends say, accidentally set fire to a thatched roof with a candle and died in the blaze, is this her?

7) The Monk Of The Tulip Stair Case

This picture was taken in 1966 by Rev Ralph Hardy a retired clergyman. His aim was only to capture the lovely staircase (known as the “Tulip Staircase”) in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. However when the photo was developed it shows a shrouded semi transparent figure climbing the staircase. Other reports include slamming doors and haunted sounds of children singing hyms in this specific Museum.

6) Behind Grandma

Denise Russels grandmother lived till the age of 94, when old age made things difficult for her to manage on her own she was moved to an assisted living home. This picture was taken at a picnic at the home on Sunday 8/17/97, the apparition right behind her is that of her Grandfather who passed away on 8/14/84. However upon close examination there is a second apparition wearing a hood with arms crossed in black. Wonder who that is?

5) Back Seat Companion

In 1959 Mable Chinnery went to the cemetery to visit the grave of her mother, as any devoted daughter is apt to do. She took some photos of the grave site and then turned and took this picture of her husband sitting alone in the car’s passenger seat. The film was developed and this came out: somebody sitting in the backseat wearing glasses, clear as day. Mrs. Chinnery swore that the “backseat driver” was none other than her own mother… whose gravesite she was standing next to when she took the picture! Hmmmm… a live husband and a deceased mother-in-law looking over his shoulder: there’s a joke here, I just know it.

4) Freddy Jacksons Last Picture

Freddy Jackson was a mechanic in the Royal Air Force in World War I. Freddy Jackson’s squadron served onboard the H.M.S. Daedalus. Freddy Jackson was killed in 1919 when an airplane propeller hit him. Two days later when the squadron assembled for a group photo, Freddy showed up grinning behind the ear of a colleague. Later on every member of the squadron recognized him from this photo and all were amazed. Look at him, top row.

3) The NewBy Church Ghost

Reverend K.F Lord decided to take a picture of the altar in his church in North Yorkshire, England. The picture and the negative have been checked thoroughly by photographic experts, check out the thing standing next to the altar. A dead monk or the grim reaper?

2) The Ghost Of Hampton Court

This one became fairly well known after it was released in December of 2003. Hampton Court, near London, was one of Henry VIII’s favorite hangouts. A fire door inside the castle kept being opened when no one was supposed to be around. Guards checked the security cameras’ videotape… and spotted this figure in period costume walking through the door. Is this a tourist or a ghost, the mystery has not been solved but the actual cctv video footage is available because L.E.M.U.R. Investigations has it on their website.

1)The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

Perhaps the most famous paranormal picture in existence, this was taken by two photographers of Country Life magazine. Raynham Hall was long reputed to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, who died in 1726. The ghost had been seen on many occasions throughout the years when it was spotted descending these stairs by the Country Life photographers, who quickly took a snapshot.


I have found these photographs at various places on the internet and in books. On the internet i feel i must give due credit to and their exhaustive collection of paranormal photography. As well as Haunted America Tours for the same reason. I have tried to mention the names of the photographers here as well, but in case i have missed any i would like to give them credit as well for many dark hours spent in cemeteries castles and generally spooky places.

  1. Existence of paranormal is a debatable issue!! We might have seen pictures & videos and read books and dissertation on the subject, possibly have some elder tell us their own encounters, yet seeing is believing!!!

  2. hey just thought i’d say i have become VERY interested in the paranormal as of late, and am grateful for a collection like this to be made. i find the hampton court ghost to be truly amazing and for a story of that magnitue, quite bizzare,
    also because no one has come up with a valid explanation as yet. its hampton court! this should be all over the world! especially when people go crazy about such things as orbs, hell have you seen the clarity of it. oh and i cant see the hooded figure in, ‘behind grandma’. thanks anyway.

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