The Spirit Of Ghandi Still Thrives

Although Mahatama Ghandi, the Indian leader and spiritual guru has long gone from this world. the spirit of his ghandigiri or non violence in the face of utter adversity still lives and thrives,  at least in his decendents.

Proof of this is in the fact that Priyanka Ghandi, sister to now famous Rahul ghandi and daughter of the slain PM Rajiv Ghandi, recently visited the woman serving a life term for the part she played in this foul act.

Her mother Sonia Ghandi got this same woman’s death sentence reduced to a life term by plea for clemency because the convicted Nalini Sriharan has a young child.

When i read this news i felt a wave of emotion. Can any of us even consider doing something this noble for someone who killed our parent? It is utterly unbelievable. Alas, i can only wish my countries leaders could even have an iota of what this young woman’s forgiveness does. Perhaps then we could forget who did what to whom in the past and move on to build a better Pakistan.

  1. Re; Moin

    Could you prove to me that what is written there is real rather than a character assassination of the person just because he was an Indian leader?

    Rather than read up on what could be the truth i prefer to see it as it stares me in the face in his own families actions.

  2. A woman to admire – what a wonderful gesture of humanity that surpasses violence & vengeance – two pointless pursuits forever pursued.

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