The Hottest Indian Restaurant!!

Is Indian food getting too hot to handle?


After laughing (for a while) i decided to do a close examination of the pixels in this pic.. but i found zilch, i still decided to dig deeper and look what i found lol!! the sign has just dropped a line from the original to give us what we see above. Plus yeh…i am that bored 


Credits : Jaffar (you know who you are)










  1. i have no idea, the coppie in front makes it look like India

    i am trying to find it myself 😛

    must have some kinda menu lol

  2. You sure that hasn’t been tampered with? The image I mean. Cuz it looks unlikely they’d like to piss one gender off completely with their name 😛

  3. yeo i agree Raza.. plus.. why would they call it Vagina Tandoori and not Tandoori Vagina… i did a close examination of the pixels and i shall soon post what

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