Rawalpindi Express Derailed

Finally, the PCB have had the spine suddenly appear in their respective backs to take this decision which has been pending, hounding, nay banging on the doors of our conscience for a while.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has today announced its decision to BAN Mr Shoaib Akhter for a period of 5 years. Not just for his boorish behavior in nightclubs all over the world (no thats his personal side) but for his over the top, rude, callous and humiliating treatment of the game this nation has loved forever. The game which made him into a super star, which he mocked by his temper tantrums, egoistical battles on field with his team mates and cheating. He chucked the ball when he could, scratched it when he could and by god he took drugs as well to finish it all off.

The speedster has many fans in Pakistan who will hate me for this. However what good is an icon who brings only disgrace to his sport and his country through his actions?

I do hope that the PCB does not repeat history and later bow down to some cockamamie appeal from his part.

Let this be a lesson in a country possessing a dual justice system, one for the privileged and one for the under privileged that there is a limit to every damn thing.

Bye Bye Mr Shoaib, may you never disgrace a playing field again!

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  1. I think they hve done right most probably lessons for others. These stars are a public icon and most new guys follow them and so they will follow his clubbing nature also 😛

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