More trouble in the IPL, Bhaji Slaps Sreesanth!

I know, i was one of the people who supported Bhaji in the Symonds row over in Australia and i would like to be the first one to own up to it. This guy has proven to be a nut case. After the Mumbai Indians captained by Harbhajan Singh lost to Punjab Xi Sreesanth a bowler with the Punjab XI walked up to his Team India Mate Bhaji and said “hard luck” to him, he was met with a slap underneath his eyes. Chaos ensued as Sreesanth started crying in front of all the cameras and Preety Zinta air head as always refused to console him. By what i have seen so far it is good that there are so many Bolly wood stars involved in this tournament as its turning into an Indian Movie.


Punjab XI have lodged a formal complaint against Harbhajan Singh and he has reportedly been suspended and stripped of Captaincy of the Mumbai Indians pending an inquiry. I personally think any individual who treats his fellow sportsmen in such a manner should get a lengthy ban to teach him a lesson. Incidently the Mumbai Indians are the most expensive team of the whole IPL showcase with stars such as Tendulkar in it.

There was lot of hue in cry on Indian channels when Shoaib hit Asif in the Dressing room, it is going to be interesting to see whether they dole out the same treatment to one of their own.

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  1. Yes i saw Sreesanth crying at the end of the match in the middle of the ground but the commentators didn’t know the cause.
    It shows the temperament of Bhaji.

  2. Lols for such cases Indian are a step ahead of Us coz i have seen how badly they rant over their cricketeres even if they lost a single match and the day they made a century he is the Bengal Tiger or so or so names 😛
    But yeah this is true that the Sikhs and the Pathans have serious anger management issues 😉
    No offense though!

  3. he needs to be given a lengthy ban i think.. he has let his success go to his head. This is not the way a sportsman behaves.

  4. that bloody sreesanth fully deserved it.he should learn how to behave with your fellow colleagues.

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