IPL in trouble over cheerleaders!

The DLF Indian Premiere League has been the reason for much talk in the cricketing world as of late, and now its Cheerleaders are being stomped on. Cheerleaders are often found in 20/20 matches around the world, they go into a lil song and dance routine every time a moment like a sixer or a batsmen getting out arrives on the field of play.

Authorities in India tho as well as some politicians are raising hue and cry over the alleged indecency of these cheerleaders, some of them being brought in from as far away as Washington D.C. Ala the Redskins.

Strange that the same politicians and authorities see nothing vulgar about the garish outfits worn by the players, or the amount of money being thrown at them or the bollywood cronies chattering in their cellphones on the sidelines. Or the fact that this league of theirs is destroying cricket, frankly if i wanted to watch star players from all over competing in a biff bam sport, i would tune to the English premiere league. This is simply a mockery of cricket the last of the purist sports.

Full story courtesy BBC

  1. WHAT!!!!!!!! Cheerleaders (eye-candy for men) in my country are bad enough! You mean we export them? Ah yes – America’s cultural exchange. My Goodness!!!!!!

    I didn’t need to know this Faisal!

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