Electricity In the Summer?

For the last 2 weeks i have been surprised, nay shocked at the fact that in the full blaze of summer in Karachi the electricity is available and stable. I wonder how such a miraculous change has happened, as upon questioning from various friends and relatives living in this cities different neighborhoods, i have found that load shedding has dropped in all areas to a paltry 1 hr a day on average.

For us an hour a day of no lights is but a joke, we can take that in our stride. Normally at this time it should be upto at least 4-5 hrs daily. So what has changed?? According to newspaper reports the new government has arranged an issue sorting meeting between the Wapda and KESC authorities, which has resulted in WAPDA giving 500 additional megawatts for this city. The main issue was non payment of the dues that KESC owes WAPDA. Which has led to a small tranche being paid by KESC and thus Wapda relenting with supply.

Perhaps the government and their institutions have gained some wisdom from last weeks power riots in Multan. Perhaps some diplomacy is needed between institutions as well as between countrymen. All i can say is congratulations, the generator barons and the UPS lords may be crying foul as their sales drop, but the innumerable children, elders and families living in this urban fiefdom offer their thanks.

  1. meray bhai
    yeh woh bijli hai jo multan se yehan aayee hai, is liye is dafa riots multan main aur bijli karachi main, next year, yeh uftaad kisi aur sheher pe paray gee ….
    Faisalabad walon, be ready, it could be you.

  2. In the US our looming electricity shortage – OUTAGE – which experts say is absolutely inevitable – is due to our crumbling infrastructure which we need to throw money at to solve. Oh no – we won’t do anything so logical as solve a problem before it happens. No – we just spend billions of dollars that we claim we don’t have on wars . . . “experts” claim it is a bigger threat than terrorism. But no! Let’s not solve it . . .

    But – I digress – seriously – your post is humbling, Faisal, to me of a “privileged” country. Though a hopeful post?

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