Crossing 10,000 hits!!

7 months ago i started this blog. I did it only for the sake of saving some of my published pieces online, something of a virtual vault of my printed work or an online resume for any would be appraiser of my writing skills. From there though, through the support of a lot of people, who played the roles of mentors, friends and morale boosters it has come this far.

True for the world wide web 10,000 hits is a joke, most famous websites get these in one day or even an hour at most. However for someone who had no idea he would receive even this much response it is a big big deal!

I could give a long list of names here, but all of you who have been there for me know who it is i am speaking of!!

Therefore i wish to thank all of you who have supported, responded, posted, commented, hated, praised and encouraged my writing here. I am indeed humbled today.

  1. I have not read your blog before and therefore do not know the degree to which we either agree or disagree. However, the comment you left on the “other” blog regarding the destruction of symbols is so true. I am pretty certain that you read my comments there as I read yours. “A voice of reason is often not heard.”

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get over here, but CONGRATULATIONS !!!

    Now keep up the good work and the hits will just keep on coming.

  3. Hi Faisal!

    I can definetly claim to be one of your blog’s silent visitor if not a regular commentor. You ARE a talented blogger whom I admired right from the days when you came there at Pakpositive and then Chowk albeit for a brief period. Besides I consider you one of my mentors in a sense that you encouraged me a lot by getting me work published in Aagahi. Congrates for having so many visitors in such a little time!

    Go well!

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