Bye Bye Bhaji…

So here it is, the decision everyone watching or not watching the IPL is concerned with these days. The slapper Mr Harbhajan Singh stand in captain of the Mumbai Indians has been banned for the rest of the IPL season. This effectively means that his one second of hot headedness has cost him millions and given him a national ego dent the size of the grand canyon.

Since “Bhaji” as he was affectionately referred to seemingly got away with what happened between him and Symonds in Australia, he has now gone from the Sikh Warrior to the hot headed loser. The whole sabre jiggling facade of the new India camp and attitude of them middle class boys is also now taking a pounding in the knee jerk “Indian” Press.

However if Sreesanth thinks he has gotten away Scott free he has no idea what the long run has in store for him. He could have controlled those tears, but his exhibitionist streak made him play “The victim” on camera and if Dhoni’s comments are anything to go by the team bus will not be a welcome place for him in the near future.

As the laser shows fade away in the sunset, what has emerged out of the IPL is two Indian national players who probably hate each others guts at the moment, no matter the public huggings. Plus an Indian dressing room which is not exactly sure of where their loyalties lie.

But wait, oooh new cheer leaders arriving from Russia you say? SRK making a new video about his team the Kolkatta Knightriders? turn on the lights people its crazy time again.

Will someone wake up the Indian board? oh sorry no can do Modi thinks he is Ceaser. Funny thing is in this acropolis half the audience seems to be watching the Indian bollywood stars rather than the match, and people are seemingly losing interest day by day. Even public slappings cannot glue the viewer to the screen as a good old fashioned game of “cricket” can.

Can we stop the gladiator games and play some real cricket now? please?

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