Another day in Crisesistan

The 30 day notice given by the lawyers movement and their affiliates to this countries government is coming to an end tomorrow. Apparently at the end of this period, the entire population of this country will come onto the roads demanding the return of the “mahzool” or “mazoor” judiciary or whatever they are calling them these days.

Slick top has immediately left to his thinking chair in Dubai to mull over the matter. This off course provides all the people at “that table” to fly to “that greener pasture” to debate over the restoration of the judiciary and the murree accord.

So why are there so many hurdles in restoring the judges, why has the lawyers movement seemingly been thwarted and what of the “real” problems our country faces.

I would like to draw my fellow countrymen or women’s attention to the following facts jumping up and down in naked fury in front of us to get some notice.

1) Iftikhar Chaudery (the former chief justice) presided over the appeal of Mr Slick top while he was in jail a grand total of 5 times, but he refused to decide on this cut and dry case as he had “not seen the file” This is the guy who is going to save us all? who will get us justice? do not make me laugh!

2) Nawaz Sharif only wants the judiciary to be restored so that he can maybe get the NRO made “non valid” get a hint people?

3) The nation is suffering from excessive energy shortage, food shortage as well as a literal meltdown of the biggest sector of our economy, namely textiles. However we are only concerned with restoring 7 people who are apparently the answer to all our problems. As soon as Iftikhar gets his chair back Karachi’s 500 MW electric shortage will disappear in thin air due to his “suo motto” action or whatever, same with food he will wave his black robe and the granaries will burst forth with a flood of grain.

4) We are also in the middle of a silent currency crises, in every country of the world the local currency is getting stronger against the US Dollar but ours is falling like it needs a parachute.

I think the government should really seriously get their act together as the future looks even more dismal then it was in the days of dictatorship, yes.. no kidding Geo tv being left alone to do what it wants does not reduce the price of PETROL people ,which by the way is due to be raised by another 4rs on may 1st. Which will mean that it has been raised a grand total of nearly 20% in the last bloody month. Suo motto that!

But… But wait right now Nawaz Sharif is speaking to people at Dubai airport where he has just arrived saying all matters will be decided at 1:30pm tomorrow at Slicktops residence over lunch. Thank God!!! we are safe.. let us go to sleep via candle light right now!!! this ranter is done!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more man. They’re treating it like a panacea, as if it is going to fix everything. And I can’t believe people are actually NAIVE enough to think so highly of Iftikhar Choudhry and his accomplices.

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