Addiction increases!!

As if it was not bloody addictive enough to poke and sift through yr friend’s/colleagues/people who you have met once numerous pictures and bite them/err compare movie notes and what not on this crazy life altering thing called Facebook. We have now been challenged to shut our pc screens or even look away from this infernal service/web page for a minute.

If you have not caught on to what i am hinting to then you are not as geeky as i am, so just read this to get a clue stupid! Facebook has now launched a feature which allows you to chat with “all the people you have added on that list of friends in real time” getting paranoid yet?

Yesssss remember all of those people you added to look cool to your real friends? all 458 of them can now see when you are online and message you instantly on it…if you do not believe me log on and look at the lower right of yr screen.

Doooomed we are all doooomed…

  1. I just discovered it as you broke the news and it wasn’t a good sight!!! As if it wasn’t enough already, i WANT my privacy back:(

  2. u can log it off if u want….but then u will not be able to see whos online eh???

    which reminds me how come i have not added u to my facebook list?

  3. Lol so you mean you want to add another one in your already four hundred something list??

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