Why do a lot of us hate?

Often this question is raised in media circles around the world. The West does not understand Muslims and they wish to know why it is that Muslim people hate them so much.

No it is not because Islam teaches them hate, it is not because we are fundamentalists or because we want you to join us or die. We just want to lead our lives according to our own beliefs and we want to do that in peace.

We do not want to be meddled with, or led politically because we do not know any better. We do not wish to be educated by your leaders, they are as corrupt as ours. We wish to be simply left alone. So for god sakes stop believing what you see on CNN, the IMF does not really help third world countries, it destroys them economically. Its an instrument of economic colonization. Below i am pasting a link to a video by Imran Khan, in which he talks to women, ordinary Pakistanis, Mullahs and what not about why America is hated so much in this country.

It will serve to enlighten some of us as to what this nation is saying. What the entire muslim body is saying. Some idiots resort to lunacy to protest, that does not mean all Muslims are like that. Click below to find out what the ground realities in Pakistan are and why so much hate is generated against the U.S, perhaps you will understand the truth.

Imran Khan’s Video on Islamic Hate Against America

True we have many faults ourselves, we lack a lot of things as a nation. However it is up to us to sort our problems out. Whether we do it in 50 or a 100 years, no one has a right to push us into a war of resentment. WE DO NOT NEED GUIDANCE, THE WORLD DOES NOT NEED YOUR POLICING. THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT TERRORISTS SHOULD BE LINED UP AND SHOT, BUT EXAMINING THE ROOT CAUSE AND ENGAGING IN DIALOGUE IS THE WAY OUT, NOT FORCING COUNTRIES TO JOIN THE SO CALLED “WAR ON TERROR” STOP THE WAR, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

  1. it is easy to generalize or see a subjective view on fox news and stereotype based on that…takes much more to actually look at things from a different standpoint

  2. You know that we agree on this. There are many Americans that think we should not be interfering with other nations. Many do not agree with President Bush that democracy should be spread by the United States.

    But how do you explain all the hate against America? I’m asking, because our have been attacked around the world when we were minding our own business. The Cole was simply restocking when she was attacked. Our embassies were minding their own business, yet they have been attacked.

    You are reasonable and rational and you try to dig deep to find the true answers to questions. I appreciate that.

    Explain to me my friend, what did America do to be attacked on September 11, 2001? Is there anything that she did that could have warranted those attacks? I don’t think so.

    We were not in Iraq then.

    Email me is you like.

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